Call Back

In the ANI Callback service you make a call to a specific access number, listen to the ring, hang up and in a while after having hung up the system will call you back. You can use the callback service while being abroad without having to worry about tremendous phone bills for international connections.
How it works?
  1. Call your designated associated call back number (0044-20-30262907)
  2. After hearing the ringing tone hang up the phone. Because the connection to the callback access number never gets connected, you are not billed for this call regardless which telecom operator you are calling from.
  3. Within few seconds our system will call you back
  4. After answering the call you will hear a voice message notifying you how much credit is remaining.
  5. The automated operator will request your destination number. Enter the destination number, with 00 before the country code e.g.: 00251919456789
  6. During the call you can disconnect from the called party at any moment without breaking connection with the system so that you can enter another phone number. To do so press subsequently the following buttons on your phone's keypad # # . Also when the called party ends the call firstly the system will ask you to enter another phone number without having to trigger the callback again.
  7. In order to end using the callback just hang up.
The caller ID, i.e. the use's phone number, can be also entered through the VSPortal in the Authorized callerIDs menu. The system will then use the numbers in order to authorize incoming connections. , just after dialing the access number (0044-20-30262907) the user can directly enter the destination number.
Web callback
  1. The web triggered callback is sometimes refered to as to web conference or "connect two" service. User, after logging in to the Portal, can provide both numbers for source connection (legA) and the destination (legB). The system will try to connect both parties. During the whole process user can see real time messages on the each leg status (alerting, connected, ended, busy etc.).
  2. In addition a user can select method of how the callback is carried out, i.e. whether it tries to connect the source first and only when connected to source, starts dialing the destination number or to start calling both numbers simultaneously.