Call Shop

This module is intended for callshops, facilities where customer can step in and make international phone calls. Phones are usually installed in cabins (booths). After making a call or many calls, the customer comes to the cash desk where receives a bill for made connections. In this scenario, regular phones are replaced by VoIP clients which can be for example multiple lines FXS gateways, SIP/h323 IP phones (adapters) or even softphones installed on personal computers (for example in internet cafes). The whole communication is carried out over VoIP directly between the endpoints in callshop and Voipinmobile dialer.
The Callshop module consists of two parts:
  • Server side callshop listener integrated in Voipinmobile dialer main application
  • Client software which is available in two versions
    • Standalone windows application
    • Web version

Particular callshop accounts are added in (Voipinmobile dialer�s management platform). Afterwards, to those callshops, IPPhone accounts, gateways (GK/Registrar clients) accounts, or PC2phone clients� accounts are assigned. For each of the callshop account different tariffs and the highest amounts that the calls can be made for can be assigned. Clients' accounts can have a different tariff than a callshop, thus the callshop administrator can easily control his profits.
Managing callshop accounts can also be executed from the Reseller module (accessed through the website)
In the Voipinmobile dialer platform Callshop applications that are currently logged in are shown in the graphic form in the proper window.