Device To Phone

Device2Phone/IP Phone service enables user to place calls directly from a device without the need of a PC. Resellers can easily generate Device2Phone/IP Phone accounts and distributed to end users. ATAs (Analog Telephone Adaptors) are devices into which household phones can be plugged and be used as IP Phones for VoIP calling. The device is plugged into the internet and configured to the Voipnmobile dialer servers. IP Phone is a phone that can be plugged directly into the Internet and place VoIP calls. IP Phones can be configured to the Voipnmobile dialer servers.
Recommended Devices
  • Linksys : http//
  • Cisco ATA : http//
  • Sipura : http//
  • Grandstream : http//
  • Teliann : http//
What�s unique with Voipnmobile dialer?
  1. We support all H323/SIP IP Phones and Device2Phones (ATAs).
  2. Service works behind NATs, Firewalls and blocked ISPs.
  3. Easy to setup & configure.