Web SMS/Dialer SMS

Vippie! is a multifunctional communicator enabling voice over IP, SMS over IP and instant messaging.
Voipinmobile dialer customers can freely distribute the Vippie to endusers.
  • Based on SIP protocol
  • Embedded VOIP tunnel propriatary technology allowing for making and receiving calls behind firewalls and voip blockades.
  • Phone book stored on server side
  • Speed dial (shortcuts associated with phone book entries)
  • Easy access to last dialled numbers
  • Real-time status messages
  • Actual balance information
  • Actual rate for the dialed number
  • Information on the maximum duration for the call
  • Connection timer
  • Information on the last call cost
  • Check rate button (quick information about the rate for entered phone number)
  • Audio wizard
  • Voicemail with messages stored on the server, detailed information on left messages, one click access to selected voice message, unique welcome message (endusers can record own prompt)
  • Sending SMS functionality (through SIP info, further it can be converted to SMS protocols supported by Voipinmobile dialer and transferred to SMS providers)
  • DID - virtual phone numbers management directly from Vippie! interface, e.g. adding new phone numbers,
  • Call forwarding/follow me settings per each DID, support for multiple DIDs
  • "Do not disturb" function per DID - user can configure various release reasons (busy, no answer) per each DID
  • Integration with the Web Portal module - Instant access to Calls History, Payments, Rates
  • Hold conversation function - switching between connected lines
  • supported speech codecs g729, g723.1, GSM, g711
  • Instant Messaging functionality through integrated Miranda client.
  • Support for various makes of USB phones, complete integration with Yealink USB phone models, Atcom and other manufacturers
  • Support for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008
  • Branding - own logo/company name, icon
  • Customizable design